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House Washing Company in Nanaimo

Cleaning the outside of your home is often the most overlooked aspect of home care we see in Nanaimo. Natural elements such as weather over time can wreak havoc on your windows, siding roof and sun decks. This can easily be overlooked as you become overwhelmed with the daily chores involved with caring for your home. This not only leads to costly repairs but the unsightly grime and organic growth that can build up on your house’s exterior can also affect your home equity. Fortunately, Mr Sparkle Exterior Cleaning in Nanaimo is here to provide you with a thorough cleaning to remove built-up debris and matter, to make your home look good as new. No matter what materials we come across such as asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, stucco, vinyl siding, concrete, glass or even asphalt, Mr. Sparkle can initiate a safe and smart approach. Our expert team of house washers can apply various soft wash, pressure wash or chemical washing methods to make your home sparkle without causing further damage or endangering out selves or the occupants of your estate. Our capable and highly trained cleaning technicians provide a wide variety of cleaning services such as, roof cleaning, roof de-mossing, moss removal, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, siding cleaning and gutter guard or gutter cover installation services right here in Nanaimo B.C.

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Pressure Washing Services

Some People believe pressure washing the outside of your home to make it look new again is simple and easy. However, this can be surprisingly difficult and dangerous for your home. No matter what part of your house you decide to pressure wash, if you set the pressure too high or point the want to close, you could not only damage the surface you are washing, but you could also wear a face full of debris. A pressure washer can damage anything from wood, shingles, and windows to asphalt brick and stucco. These powerful tools are not to be trifled with and require the proper knowledge and PPE to utilize these systems properly. Aside from knowing the correct pressure for each gig, there are also various types of nozzles with different angles and volumes of pressurized streams. However, Some surfaces require a gentle, soft wash technique and proper cleaning solutions. If you do not wish to risk power washing your home, you can always hire a professional to do the job, such as Mr Sparkle Exterior Cleaning. Furthermore, hiring an insured, licensed, professionally trained company can protect you from costly damages and potential injury that can affect your ability to work and pay your bills.

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Mr. Sparkle Exterior Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Nanaimo & Roof De-mossing

Whenever we see a roof riddled with moss in Nanaimo, we understand there is a great cause for concern. In our eyes a costly roof replacement is imminent. However, if you act soon, we may be able to help you avert this crisis. Moss is a horrific evil sponge that was created by mother nature to reminds us that at the end of the day she is supreme power on this planet. Every time it rains moss collects and holds onto water that can last for days afterward. This prolonged pocket of moisture can cause your roof to degrade and break down much quicker than it should. If left too long without cleaning your roof, moss may also grow between the shingles causing them to lift giving moisture the opportunity to find its way inside your attic.  Hiring professional roof cleaners and roof de-mossing services seasonally can help prolong the life span of any type of roof you may have on your house. Using the right chemicals with a soft wash approach, Mr. Sparkle Exterior Cleaning can make the top of your house look new again and help you save money for the long term.

Gutter Cleaning Nanaimo

Gutter Cleaning is one of many essential house washing services in Nanaimo. Our climate locally is exposed to a high amount of natural foliage, seasonal windstorms, and excessive rain. This means Nanaimo’s natural environment creates the “perfect storm” to cause damage to your roof or foundation if your gutters & downspouts are not properly cared for. Debris dispersed from trees due to wind on a regular basis is why we recommend that you clean your gutters every six months to a year. Failure to do so could result in your drainage systems being clogged. When this happens, your gutters will be overflowing giving water the opportunity to be forced back up onto your roof and leak into your walls. This can lead to the structure of your home rotting and growing mould which, is expensive and also dangerous for your health. Mr. Sparkle can help you avoid this by offering premium gutter cleaning services either annually or bi-annually. Our gutter cleaning technicians are highly versed and trained in the proper PPE including fall arrest to clear your gutters and downspouts safely and quickly. For all your Gutter Cleaning Nanaimo needs please visit our contact page for a free quote or estimate.

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Our Testimonials

Building a Reputation of Excellence

Norm Wollbold
Norm Wollbold
AMAZING CHANGE on the outside of my house. Siding, gutters, windows. My house looks totally new. Johnathan and Tristan were amazing. Johnathan inspected and showed me the work they did when they were finished and gave recommendations. I gave Tristan, who did most of the work a well deserved generous tip. I hope you will do the same.
Don Young
Don Young
Fast and really good job. Looks like new, put me on your regular list!
Great owner , staff. Takes pride in their work !
Rhonda Heaslip
Rhonda Heaslip
Olivia did a fabulous job on our windows. Polite, pleasant and hardworking professional. I highly recommend and will be calling them each year.
Gibson Doney
Gibson Doney
Very efficient and very personable. Great service and was done a 2500sqft house in under 5 hours for an exterior clean and windows. Highly recommend
Chris Vaughan Griffiths
Chris Vaughan Griffiths
In, out, no fuss, no BS, good price, excellent job roof to driveway, no complaints, highly recommend.
Paul Orgnero
Paul Orgnero
This company did a magnificent job of removing the moss and cleaning the roof! Removed the green and black algea from the siding and finished up with the driveway pressure washing. True to the name, everything sparkles again! Top notch service, reasonable price, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Finally a company that can meet our needs in Nanamio. Thanks Mr. Sparkle!
A Mac
A Mac
Mr Sparkle went to my Mum’s house to clean her gutters. He was responsive, did what he said he was going to do (and a bit more), good natured, direct and honest. Really impressed and incredibly happy.

Moss Removal Nanaimo

Moss Removal can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do the moss will not go away. We understand this feeling and unfortunately, you are right. Due to our temperate rain forest climate in Nanaimo moss is provided with the perfect setting to grow and thrive. With lots of moisture and a high number of trees around your home moss is something you cannot avoid. Over time in left alone moss can damage almost every material on your home from your roof all the way down to your lawn. Therefore, regular moss removal services are handy to keep your property and house safe. As well as causing your shingles to lift and cause leak moss can also cause damage to your walkways, decks, windows, and gutters. Mr. Sparkle in Nanaimo Deploys a combination of high, low, and even soft washing techniques with a chemical treatment. Our chemical is homemade and environmentally safe. Utilizing both a curated moss removal and cleaning procedure not only can we instantly make your property look new, but we can prevent any organic growth from returning for an extended period. Prevent costly damage and get a free quote to have the moss, algae and fungus eradicated from your home’s exterior today!

Window Cleaning Nanaimo

Why allow the build-up of dirt and grime on your home’s windows to ruin the lighting and the view? We understand cleaning windows is tedious and boring, however, the good news is you do not have to do it. Mr. Sparkle also cleans windows! Our trained team members are not only quick and efficient when it comes to cleaning windows in Nanaimo, but we also carry a positive and friendly attitude. Over many years we have built a reputation for high standards not only when it comes to window cleaning but also when it pertains to customer service. Dirty windows can make your house look bad, however, if you are a small business in Nanaimo, it could also drive away potential customers. When it comes to business in any industry first impressions matter. Customers will notice if you do not bother to put in a little time or even money to keep your windows clean. This could leave them thinking if they are willing to skip such a simple task, how does that translate to their personal ethics. Allow Mr. Sparkle to worry about the small details and make your home or business look presentable to your guests and customers.

Window Washing Services Nanaimo

Gutter Guard Installation Nanaimo

Mr. Sparkle Exterior Cleaning Nanaimo, also provides leaf guards, covers, and caps. Enhanced gutter protection systems are great for those who wish to prolong the life of their gutters. These handy gutter caps are also great for those who may want to spend less time tending to their gutters. Gutter guards do not provide the ability to completely walk away from your gutters. How every they prolong the time between cleanings. Gutter covers are also great for reducing the risk of dangerous gutter backups during the winter months by over 95%. Being Local to Nanaimo means you are surrounded by big trees and must weather windstorms during the winter months. The Last thing you want to do is have to risk climbing up a ladder to clear a clog during the worst months of the year. Never worry about that again with our provided gutter protection. Mr. Sparkle utilizes the best in industry standards and always works with the proper fall arrest and PPE to provide a seamless and stress-free customer experience.

Siding Cleaning Nanaimo

Mr. Sparkle Exterior Cleaning is equipped with the right tools and skills for every job. The same goes for any siding we come across. Regardless of the material, we find on the side of your home we can restore it to its vibrant beginnings. This includes any siding that consists of stucco, vinyl, aluminum, hardy plank, or wood. Using a variety of cleaning techniques and safe cleaning solutions we can reduce and eliminate all traces of grime, mildew and dirt build-up that is found on your house’s exterior. It is important to note we never use high-pressure systems directly on your home, although it is quicker it can be very damaging to your greatest asset. Even if it takes a little longer, we always do the job right to ensure that you never have to worry. Siding material covers more square footage of your home than anything else. If left neglected it can also act as a giant banner displaying dirt and grime to all your neighbours. This greatly affects the curb appeal and value of your home. If your thinking of selling your home consult Mr. sparkle today to learn more about our in-depth real estate package.

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