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About Mr. Sparkle

About Us


Mr. Sparkle Exterior Cleaning has been in business since 1992 in the Nanaimo area and our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We are fully licensed and insured

We provide FREE ESTIMATES for Gutter Cleaning, Vinyl Siding Cleaning, Roof De-Mossing, Window Cleaning, Power Washing, and Stucco Cleaning.

We use Biodegradable cleaners on your home

Strata and Residential Roof De-Mossing is a service we have been offering since our early years and our experience has benefited many clients. We leave your roof looking clean and completely moss free, extending it’s life an average of 4 years. This service has a significant effect on your homes appearance. It’s what homeowners consider a good investment, why reroof prematurely?

Strata and Residential Vinyl Siding cleaning is another service we offer. Vinyl siding is washed by applying special commercial biodegradable vinyl cleaners that emulsify dirt, and algae while using soft bi level brushes to agitate and clean before rinsing. The results are a Sparkling’ home.

Our Popular Services

Our Most Popular House Washing Services

Our most popular service is our Strata and Residential Gutter cleaning service, but we have many other exterior services to offer our clients.

We clean the debris from inside your gutters, followed by cleaning and inspecting the downspouts. No more overflows!

Keeping your gutter system running properly not only protects the foundation of your house, it also helps to prevent erosion of painted surfaces by reducing their exposure to water. Small repairs are also available, and we take the debris we removed from your gutters and dispose of it as well.

Siding Cleaning Services

It is Important to make sure you clean the siding on your house at least once a year. No matter what time of year you choose Mr. Sparkle can get the job done. Our Wash technicians are strong and resilient and can carry out the services you require no matter the weather. Choose the best in customer service, you deserve it!

Downspout & Gutter Cleaning

Enjoy the very best Eavestrough Maintenance services near you. No one gets your gutters cleaned out like our top notch professional team. Save time, money and the hassle, when you employ Mr. Sparkle to clean your rain gutters and downspouts.

Pressure Washing

Be careful not to allow just anyone to show up and blast your home with a pressure washers. These very capable machines need to be handled with due care. You can be confident in the hands of our extensively trained and efficacious team we will complete the task. Free from injury or unnecessary damage to your property.

Moss Removal Services

When having your roof cleaned, it is essential to hire trusted professionals. Using any form of pressure can damage your roof. There is only one way to safely clean and de-moss your shingles. We will utilize our soft washing technique combined with the right cleaning product.

Expert Window Washers

Beautiful, clean glass will make a difference in the outlook and on the beauty displayed by your home. Capable of cleaning windows on any home or business in Nanaimo Mr. Sparkle should be your First choice. Additionally we are proud to deliver to our customers a professional service that is unmatched among the local companies in the industry.

Installed Gutter Protection

Having the Proper leaf guards installed is important because it contributes to your overall building maintenance. When you finally decide to install a gutter guard on your home. Don't risk hurting your self or damaging your gutters. make sure you call Mr. Sparkle.

Why Choose Us

Expert Exterior House Cleaning Services

Gutter Washing

Strata and Residential Gutter washing is also offered on our list of services, the outside face of gutters have black streaks and algae build up, we will wash them clean so your homes looks sparkling!

Window Cleaning

Strata and Residential Window Cleaning, well without this service Mr.Sparkle wouldn’t have existed. I started cleaning windows in Nanaimo in 1992….and I haven’t stopped, We use the best commercial glass cleaners and our use of these window specific solutions leave the glass on your home Sparkling’.

House Washing

Strata and Residential Power washing. We pressure wash Driveways, Patios, Walkways, decks, landings and more.

Information for Any Services

Contact us for a free no obligation estimate. “If you’re going to clean it, make it sparkle!”

a before and after shot of a home's exterior, showing moss removal
Side view of the Mr Sparkle truck.