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Serving all your Exterior Cleaning needs for Residential and Commercial buildings, in Nanaimo since 1992.

Professional Gutter Cleaning & Pressure Washing, Nanaimo BC.

Mr. Sparkle’s exterior house cleaning service provides highly competent, friendly, efficient, and skilled service at a reasonable price. With over 25 years of experience our area of knowledge extends to all aspects of the exterior cleaning industry in Nanaimo. These Technical skills include, but are not limited to, roof cleaning, moss removal, house washing and installed gutter protection. Also, our professional house washing company offers a comprehensive real estate package prior to listing your home. Furthermore you can rest assured our mean green roof cleaning solution, will not only kill all organic growth but leave your roof sparkling clean. Mr. Sparkle Exterior Cleaning is fully licensed and insured, covered by $2,000,000 liability and WCB covered, for your protection and peace of mind.

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Building a Reputation of Excellence!

Carly Bennet
1 review
 3 months ago
Jonathan and his crew did a fantastic job at our strata, they were professional, very detailed and very honest regarding what was involved from start to finish. The best exterior cleaning service company we were fortunate enough to find.
Ingrid Dilschneider
9 reviews
 6 months ago
This company was top notch. Jonathan went above and beyond cleaning our house. His professionalism, product, and service set the bar for anyone in this industry. Bar none, the best we’ve experienced. I highly recommend this company. Thank you for our shiny new home!
David Quigg
1 review
 a month ago
Outstanding job. He came same day, in the hard rain, and saved our gutters from a major backup. He found a loose flashing issue and secured it on the spot to prevent water damage. Great service! Highly recommended.

Exterior House Washing Services.

We are proud to provide Nanaimo’s premier exterior detailing service. With a heavily trained team behind us we can provide a comprehensive cleansing regime. Tackling almost any service you require we can restore you home to look as those you have undergone serious and costly renovations. We are here to provide quality services and help you save money when you clean the exterior of your home or business.

house washing nanaimo

Vinyl Siding, Stucco, Aluminum and more!

There is no material or style of siding that we lack the knowledge and skill to apply and execute a deep cleaning to. Every type of siding surface is unique and has different cleaning requirements. That is why Mr. Sparkle practices effective methods and uses the right bio-degradable cleaners in order to achieve the desired result.

The buildup of black and green streaks will make your siding weak and ugly. That is one of many reasons why it is important to keep a strict seasonal washing schedule. Your siding is one of the first levels of defense your home has against the weather and natural elements. If left unchecked the buildup of moss and mildew can accelerate how fast your siding wears down. Leaving your home and foundation unprotected from the weather putting your family and greatest financial asset at risk. 

Contact us to find how we can help your make your home sparkle!

Pressure Washing Services in Nanaimo

Our custom built pressure washing rigs and trucks grant us the ability to effectively power wash any surface of your home that requires a deep clean. However power and pressure washing machines are powerful tools. Knowing when, how and where to use them is very important in order to prevent costly damage to your home. With almost 30 years of experience in the field our highly trained staff know exactly how much pressure to us for specific materials, and if pressure is appropriate for the job at all. You do not always need to blast away the grime and grit. Sometimes a soft, gentle wash combined with the right kind of cleaner is all that is needed. 


Here at Mr. Sparkle we believe in helping our community. This is why we deliver amazing results at a fair price and reasonable price for our customers.

Safe Products

As an exterior house washing company we realize we must be responsible. We will always use environmentally friendly solutions when washing your home.

Fast & Efficient

Your time is valuable and we will not waste it. With almost 30 years experience, we have the skills to complete the task on time without cutting any corners.

We Also Clean Windows!

Window Cleaning Nanaimo

We clean up nicely. We believe in unrivaled quality service that will guarantee your satisfaction and leave your windows sparkling. For almost 30 years we have been Nanaimo’s go-to window cleaning company never failing to deliver the highest quality service to our clients. Our trusted cleaning technicians take pride in their work ethic, cleaning glass is our passion and profession! The key to our success is we only hire those who live up to our values, enthusiasm and expectations when it comes to hard work and delivering the best services.

Entrust the appearance of your business or home to the leading professionals in Nanaimo. The difference in service is crystal clear Mr. Sparkle Specializes in everything from commercial buildings to residential homes call today to book a free consultation.

Siding Cleaning Services

It is Important to make sure you clean the siding on your house at least once a year. No matter what time of year you choose Mr. Sparkle can get the job done. Our Wash technicians are strong and resilient and can carry out the services you require no matter the weather. Choose the best in customer service, you deserve it!

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Pressure Washing

Be careful not to allow just anyone to show up and blast your home with a pressure washers. These very capable machines need to be handled with due care. You can be confident in the hands of our extensively trained and efficacious team we will complete the task. Free from injury or unnecessary damage to your property.

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Expert Window Washers

Beautiful, clean glass will make a difference in the outlook and on the beauty displayed by your home. Capable of cleaning windows on any home or business in Nanaimo Mr. Sparkle should be your First choice. Additionally we are proud to deliver to our customers a professional service that is unmatched among the local companies in the industry. 

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Why Removing Moss from your Roof is important.

Living in a coastal rainforest climate means Nanaimo is the ideal place for moss to grow and thrive. Additionally roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and torch on roofs are at higher risk of housing such damaging plant life. This fact makes it evermore important to keep to a stringent annual, moss removal program. De-mossing your roof every year can eliminate conditions that promote the growth of bryophytes. Thus preventing the development of leaks from lifted shingles, corroded flashing and rotten sealants. Allow Mr. Sparkle to eradicate all moss and organic growth from your home!

Hire a Professional Gutter Cleaners in Nanaimo

Among out local clients we are known as the prime gutter cleaning service provider in Nanaimo. Our highly experienced team of cleaning technicians will utilize the best fall arrest & restraint systems. This will allow us to clear your gutters in no time without the risk of serious injury to you or anyone else.

Keeping your gutters clear of debris is important in order to extend their life expectancy and prevent dangerous back-ups and overflows. backed-up gutters and downspouts can cause water to get inside your walls. Left unchecked this can create the ideal circumstances for black mold to grow, which can have severe consequences on your health. As well as health concerns water damage from leaky gutters can ultimately cause rot, weakening the foundation of your walls and home. Long term negligence could have devastating financial affect for you and your loved ones.

Learn more about our premier gutter cleaning services in Nanaimo and how we can help you by clicking the link below

Gutter Guard Installation Services Located in Nanaimo.

Cleaning gutters is a messy, miserable and stinky job installing gutter guards may be a solution in order to lighten the load. In addition to cleaning your gutters Mr. Sparkle offers the installation of enhanced gutter protection. Some of these products include, gutter guards, covers and caps. As well as leaf guards and leaf covers. 

These gutter protection systems are designed to keep the water flowing freely into your downspouts. Furthermore, Products such as these are very effective at preventing leaves, pines and sticks from entering and clogging your downspouts. This makes it ridiculously easy to maintain your gutters year after year. That is why leaf guards and covers are becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

Although leaf guards are designed to keep garbage out, they still require limited seasonal maintenance. However that Maintenance can be reduced by up to 90%. This will result in you having to clean your gutters less frequently reducing your home care expenses.

Trusted Experts

Mr. Sparkle only employs the best. All of our employees are highly trained experts in their field to provide the best results.

Next Day Availability

We always do our best to accommodate your schedule. Whether for a free quote or a hired service.

Quality Guarantee

No matter the job or the circumstances we always deliver. We guarantee you will always be satisfied.

The Best Roof Cleaners near you.

Mr. Sparkle Exterior Cleaning Nanaimo

Choosing the very best roof maintenance company is the most necessary factor when it comes to keeping your house and roof damage free. Various sorts of debris, elements, and vegetative growth from the environment can destroy your roof over time. With our biodegradable cleaning solution we will apply a soft wash approach. This technique has been perfected over the years and is pivotal in order to prevent further damage and impose a deep clean unmatched by our competitors. 

Our top notch roof cleaning experts are the best in their field!  Our non-invasive procedure will not only clear all unsightly matter it will also increase the durability and lifespan of your structure, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars. We are a fully licensed company and we utilize state of the art safety systems. This will ensure that when we are on top of your roof we can complete the required services in a safe and timely manner.

Downspout & Gutter Cleaning

Enjoy the very best Eavestrough Maintenance services near you. No one gets your gutters cleaned out like our top notch professional team. Save time, money and the hassle, when you employ Mr. Sparkle to clean your rain gutters and downspouts. 

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Moss Removal Services

When having your roof cleaned, it is essential to hire trusted professionals. Using any form of pressure can damage your roof. There is only one way to safely clean and de-moss your shingles. We will utilize our soft washing technique combined with the right cleaning product. 

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Installed Gutter Protection

Having the Proper leaf guards installed is important because it contributes to your overall building maintenance. When you finally decide to install a gutter guard on your home. Don't risk hurting your self or damaging your gutters. make sure you call Mr. Sparkle. 

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Our Custom Power Washing Rigs

Avail oneself of our powerful pressure washing equipment. Mr. Sparkle is the leading service provider of power wash trailer systems in Nanaimo. Allow our unparalleled experience in the exterior washing industry choose the correct pressure washing rigs for the materials on your home. Matched with supreme functionality, utilizing many different levels of pressure our professional wash equipment can wash any surface on your property. Whether it be concrete, asphalt, brick, stone, or wood using the right eco-friendly solutions our team can make your estate sparkle once more!

Mr. Sparkle Exterior Cleaning
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