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Gutter Cleaning Services in Nanaimo

When you think gutter cleaning Nanaimo, you should think Mr. Sparkle. Our company has been serving Nanaimo for almost 30 years, clearing, maintaining, and cleaning eavestroughs for business and residential homeowners. Our team of highly trained individuals is here to provide unfettered and trustworthy service to our local community and neighbors. Furthermore, our gutter cleaning system in Nanaimo is the best among our local competitors. Mr. Sparkle can handle any magnitude of any job without sacrificing the very best in safety standards. Hire a professional exterior cleaning company your can trust without worrying about any risk.

We are a family-owned small business and we are proud to deliver the best customer care in Nanaimo. Correspondingly we strive to provide supreme services that will always leave you satisfied. Moreover, Mr. Sparkle guarantees whether residential or commercial we will always treat you, your home, and your business with the utmost care and respect.

Compared to our competitors our attention to detail is astounding! Our cleaning technicians are all vetted among the most stringent process. This is designed to ensure our quality control standards are un-breakable. And you will be sure that you get exactly the service you desire and intend to receive. For over 25 years we have built a reputation of excellence in central Vancouver Island.

Removing and totally clearing your leaf guard and flushing out your downspout and gutters is our mission. Additionally, Mr. Sparkle has proven techniques and solutions to provide the very best customer experience and service in Nanaimo. Require more information? Then just call 1-250-714-6739 or click the button below to visit our contact page!


Backed up Eavestrough.

Completely Cleaned Gutters.

Leaf Guard Installation.

More about our Gutter Cleaning Services.

  • We now clean gutters up to 40 feet high, perfect for condominium buildings and our residential clients.
  • Every gutter cleaning service is performed by our experienced technician who utilizes safety fall arrest systems.
  • After Gutters are cleaned of all debris and Downspouts are clear, we take away all debris.
  • Additionally, we are insured and covered by Worksafe BC don’t take unnecessary chances and hire a company without proven Insurance, it isn’t worth the risk.
  • We remove the debris, leaves, moss, cedar, or fir needles from your gutters and follow up by flushing your downspouts.
  • We are happy to beautify your gutters by washing and removing the unsightly black streaks off your gutters.
  • Equally important we provide professional gutter repairs are also.
  • All work performed with care and consideration for your house and property, and with the safety of all concerned being our first priority.

Clear out your Eavestrough every Fall.

Every Fall homeowners typically have a long list of chores to complete around the yard. In order to prepare for the winter and rainy season, there is one activity that should be a top priority. What we mean is Removing leaves, pine needles, and debris from your eavestrough is highly important. Comparatively living in coastal British Columbia you should expect a fair amount of rain every winter. Keeping your drainage systems clear could save you a huge headache as well as a large financial repercussion.

When your gutters remain backed up over time it can cause damage to your roof as well as the foundation of your home. Coupled with the long-term risk such as having the structure of your home rot slowly over time. There is a short-term consequence that could threaten the health of you and your family. Consequently, black mold thrives in dark and wet environments that could be created by having a water leak from your gutters down into your out walls.

Don’t hesitate to call a professional roof cleaning company if you have any questions or doubts about the condition of your roof or gutters. Experienced exterior cleaners, like our family at Mr. Sparkle, are qualified to safely carry out any roof or gutter cleaning services your house may require. Remember to call our executive house washing team before it’s too late.

  • Always complete the tasks on time.
  • Respectful and friendly to clients.
  • trustworthy and honest employees.
  • Excellent reputation in Nanaimo.
  • Best value to quality conversion.

Remember that Cleaning your Gutters will help:

  1. Prevent Pest Infestation. A build-up of leaves, sticks, and debris creates the perfect home for many pests. Examples of these include rodents, birds, and insects such as wasps. And the last thing you need is to walk right under a bee’s nest when you go to get your morning paper!
  2. Keep Your Roof Safe. Clogged gutters cause major backups to the drainage on your roof. Giving the water nowhere to go but into your roof and shingles. This can rot out your facia’s your walls and your shingles. Remember the hardest place to fix a roof is at the bottom.
  3. Defends Against Water Damage. When your gutters and down spouts become backed up with dirt and debris rain water has no where to go. Consequently this can cause more than just damage to your roof. Resulting to damage not only to your roof to your but also to the foundation exterior and interior of your home.
  4. Reducing the Damage to your Foundation. When your gutters over flow it can cause water to pool up around the base of your house. This water will seep into the ground next to your foundation. Subsequently this flooding could crack your foundation if the temperature drops just enough to freeze and expand the soil.
  5. Saves Money. Furthermore when you clear out your eavestrough seasonally, it can help you elude expensive projects in the future. Preventative cleaning measures can help extend the life of various materials on the exterior of your home.
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