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Stucco Cleaning

Stucco Siding Cleaning Services in Nanaimo


Your Homes exterior stucco walls are made of cement or plaster, which results in the material being waterproof, weather-resistant and very porous. This porous exterior results in the organic material’s fast growth and stains’ absorption. Furthermore, the most common weather-resulting stains on exterior stucco are algae and grime. This staining can be effectively removed using the proper soft wash tools and techniques. Mr. Sparkles Exterior Stucco Cleaning will guarantee to make your old stucco look new again. Our Stucco cleaning service & seasonal maintenance programs are usually performed every year or more at the discretion of our clientele.

Our Stucco Cleaning service involves carefully applying specific cleaning solutions that emulsify the dirt, algae and mildew on your stucco home. We use a soft wash system, a low-pressure spraying system similar to the pressure your garden hose puts out. The results are excellent….you’re sure to be impressed.

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